Why silica gel aging during the production of reason, manufacturers how to maintain the silicone products

by:TaiHai     2020-09-23

the silicone product storage and maintenance, production process of silicone why aging reason, manufacturers how to maintain the silicone products, many friends products maintain undeserved, silica gel products aging speed, shorten service life. The silicone factory will teach you how to correctly deal with the problem.

the silicone products in the process of maintaining the cause of aging:

the silicone products aging for many reasons.

from the modulation of raw materials to the curing agent of coordination, from the hand of the manufacturers of organic silicon products to the customer maintenance, improper maintenance is also affect the service life of our silicone products.

in the second place, in the self maintenance may be the right way, silica gel is one of the advantages of good absorbability, but a strong adsorption, but let it adsorption which many small objects in the air. After cleaning, the cleaner can blow appropriately, to avoid the wet place, can be placed in a dry place, in order to avoid water backflow phenomenon, lead to aging of silicone products!

storage silicone product skills:

the silicone products store also need certain skills.

1。 Just sulfide material is placed in a dry place, due to the soft of the raw material and mixing quantity of heat can be stored with fan and dry storage, ozone generally placed in high temperature, acid, damp place to cause a decline in composite aging acceleration, adhesion molecules diffuse phenomenon results in uneven color dark grain, long-term storage led to the decrease of the toughness, expansion intensity decreased elasticity variation.

2, finished product storage method can well sealed bags, to prevent dust, keep ventilated dry place, prevent the product changes, the weather should not be placed in outdoor the place with high temperature, pervious to light, make the product does not produce oxygen.

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