What role does the silicone mold sand, silica gel mould sand used in what situations

by:TaiHai     2020-09-22

what role does the silicone mold sand, silica gel mould sand used in what scenario, often use the silicone mold sand to improve products to solve some common problems in the silicone products, silicone products factory will then share the details of the silicone mold sand blasting technology.

sand blasting application in the silicon gel mould scene and role

the silicone mold sand scene:

1. When cannot make some special products, such as silicone products, bonding mode.

second, looking for a variety of reasons, or when there is a bubble, and so on.

the silicone mold sand blasting effect:

the mold surface is impacted by the fine sand, the effect of improved the mould surface, improved the die swelling and fatigue resistance.

silica gel mould sand detailed steps to introduce

in the process of sand blasting, the hardness of different materials with different sand, common sand materials include glass sand, quartz sand, silicon carbide, iron sand, sea sand, etc. , and ordinary silicon rubber products manufacturers use silicon carbide in the process of sand and glass sand.

because internal mold precision is not high, the general mould is hardening heat treatment, so we can choose to use two kinds of mixed sand, sand in the process of mould processing mainly adopts coating and cleaning some of mold patterns, and some of the mould core in some no after discharge, so we should choose different sand to deal with.

sandblasting sand surface roughness depends on coarse-grained. As a result, the silicone factory mold surface treatment is still more important. The surface of the general products need different thickness of sand. Main function is to some invisible to the naked eye is concave and convex particles planish, removing some residual burrs and rust, the surface is smooth; In the process of production, because grooves and convex chamfer, die not rough. It also make the products more smooth surface.

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