What is silica gel, silica gel classification: you know what is silica gel

by:TaiHai     2020-08-13

silica gel:

1. Characteristics of silica gel:

good low temperature resistance, conductivity and not particularly excellent oxidation and ozone resistance, and most of the oil, solvent compatible. Tasteless, odourless, non-toxic. The FDA approved for use in food processing of materials. But its low tensile strength, wear-resisting, is generally not used for dynamic seal. Temperature range: - 60 ~ 225 degrees, the special one can reach 300 degrees ( Boron silicon rubber can reach 450 degrees) 。

  2. The classification of the silica gel:


according to the reinforcing filler used points are: gas phase glue ( Use the gas phase method of white carbon black) Precipitation and gel ( Using the precipitation of white carbon black)

by side chain type points: methyl silicone rubber, methyl vinyl silicone rubber, benzyl silicon rubber, etc.

the vulcanization conditions points are: room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, etc.

3. Name: many silicone VMQ E text abbreviations are used to say, in fact, as far as I know, the silicone E text abbreviations should be Q, VMQ is one of the silica gel used most frequently - - Methyl vinyl silicone rubber and MQ is methyl silicone rubber. FVMQ is fluorine silicone rubber.

  4. Silicone vulcanizing agent: unlike many rubber, silicone belongs to the rubber of saturated, so it was a different with many rubber vulcanizing agent, can't use the sulfur curing system. Common vulcanizing agent is peroxide, generally using pairs of 2. 5 or double 2. 4 depending on the vulcanization process.

  5. Silica gel mixing rubber suppliers: foreign wacker, GE, dow corning, the more letters, etc.

domestic: one day jade, HTC, light chemical industry, etc.

PS: factors influencing the performances of silicone products, Discussed from the aspects of raw material) : vulcanizing agent pairs of 2. 5 for smell great, such as is not commonly used in foreign countries, and Q because there is no proper stabilizer and sometimes difficult to meet the requirements, it is recommended to use a C - 8 a and HT - 1 as collocation, dosage of 0, respectively. 7 and 1, performance is remarkable, significantly improve the Q of existing problems in the above views are for reference only.

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