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by:TaiHai     2020-07-20

in the rapid development of science and technology today, rubber for it has become an indispensable part of our life, for conductive rubber, I think everybody is not strange, within the common keyboard is conductive rubber, so we know about the conductive rubber? Small make up today is to introduce the nature of a conductive rubber.

resistivity in 104 Ω • cm below the rubber called conductive rubber. Conductive rubber not only has the high elasticity of rubber, easy processing and forming, characteristics of light weight, small volume, and conductive performance is similar to metal. With the rapid development of electronic industry, conductive polymer materials is becoming more and more widely.
the electrical conductivity of the conductive rubber with different degree, pv is generally not more than 104 Ω, cm is used as the conductive rubber, pv in 10 - 3 ~ 100 Ω, cm is used as the superconductivity rubber; Pv limit of not less than 104 ~ 105 Ω, cm, upper limit of pv is not more than 106 ~ 108 Ω cm for conducting electrostatic rubber ( Export electrostatic, prevent electrostatic accumulation) 。 Production of conductive rubber, generally choose dielectric constant of raw rubber, such as silicone rubber, neoprene, nitrile rubber, etc. Nitrile rubber, neoprene, molecules containing polar groups (such as A CL, CN, etc. ) Rubber in the electric dipole polarization,

have smaller than nonpolar rubber resistivity and dielectric strength, dielectric loss and relatively poor insulation, suitable for making antistatic and conductive products. Silicone rubber is made of conductive rubber products is good material. It not only has the properties of conductive, high and low temperature resistance, ageing resistance, and process performance is good, suitable for manufacturing complex shape, structure, fine conductive rubber products; Can connect equipment used in electrical appliances, and the interface fit closely, accurate and reliable, flexible and can have the effect of shock absorption and seal. Also undertake choosing according to the using conditions of the product, for example, in contact with the oil phase used in the environment of the conductive rubber had better choose oil resistant rubber, nitrile rubber, such as chlorohydrin rubber, neoprene and so on.

rubber and or rubber/plastic can also be used in the manufacture of conductive rubber. EPDM or IIR and can improve the insulation (PE Such as dielectric strength) , PS/EPDM, PS/PBD, NBR/EPDM, NBR/IR, NR, CR, etc. And, its pv and using than curve in a certain radius and than or and valley value, it could be with the right amount of hard rubber phase that conductive network structure is more compact, or through such as carbon black conductive compound in incompatible rubber for enrichment of phase interface area, so as to improve the electrical conductivity. Therefore by using his rubber and rubber can be used in a less packing the conductive effect, required for rubber processing flow, and reduce the hardness of vulcanized rubber.

the conductivity of conductive rubber depends largely on the variety and dosage of conductive filler.

particle of carbon black is used as the optimum filler of conductive rubber, cheaper price, can provide the electrical conductivity, enhance the mechanical strength of vulcanized rubber aging, fatigue resistance, and durable performance, analysis of the stability is very good. Although carbon fiber type of filler in increases the fatigue properties of the vulcanizates and physical performance is poorer, but if used properly can sometimes get very high electrical conductivity, can be used to request the special function of conductive rubber products.

conductive filler metal class can use gold, platinum, silver, copper, nickel and other fine powder and flake, foil or processed into metal fibre. Gold, platinum and silver precious metals while stability is excellent, but the price is high, qualified for special purposes. Copper and nickel filler price is low, but easy oxidation, reduce the conductivity. Can be in in the cheap metal particles, such as glass beads, fiber on the surface of coated metal conductive agent, achieve the balance of performance and cost.

packing type, dosage is very important to the conductivity of rubber products. With the increase of dosage of conductive fillers and the particle size decreases, and an increase in the number of filler particles, at the beginning of the conductivity increase is not obvious, as conductive filler particle reaches a certain value, conductivity, a jump will occur surge in several or a dozen orders of magnitude. Conductive filler dosage reach or exceed a certain threshold, the conductive filler filled rubber becomes a conductive rubber. The critical value of compound materials in the critical value of conductive filler particles began to form a conductive path.

different conductive fillers in the same kind of rubber, or the same kind of conductive filler in different rubber, the critical value is different. When the dosage of the same in the EPDM, clearly see the SCF carbon black with the highest electrical conductivity, and acetylene black is the smallest. Conductivity under Ω, 1000 cm, the dosage of the SCF carbon black at this point, at least for 20 and acetylene black with for at least 60, the rest of the carbon black for 40 or so. Along with the increase of the content of acetylene black in NR rubber resistivity decreased. Considering the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber, the addition of acetylene black quantity is not more than 80 copies.

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