What is a polyisoprene rubber | polyisoprene rubber performance and usage

by:TaiHai     2020-08-11

not do the rubber products industry friends might be: 'what is a polyisoprene rubber' such question, polyisoprene rubber by isoprene monomer with ziegler - Natalia catalytic systems or lithium catalytic body solution polymerization.

polyisoprene rubber performance is as follows:

polyisoprene rubber cis:

1. Color transparent light, gas free.

  2. Less than the pure natural rubber, gel, without impurities, uniform in quality.

  3. Do not need to plasticate, mixing is simple, don't need to heat preservation in winter.

  4. Good adhesion, good fluidity and easy processing, but prone to degradation, curing speed slow.

  5. The physical properties of vulcanizates of high mechanical strength, good balance, for the most close to natural rubber synthetic rubber. 6. And electrical shock absorption.

polyisoprene rubber trans:

1. Rubber performance and the pagoda waves, balata same rubber

2. Rapid crystallization under 60 degrees, and is the crystallization of the high hardness, high tensile strength of polymer.

  3. Unvulcanized rubber has the properties of thermoplastic elastomer, liquidity in high temperature, at room temperature with the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber.

  4. Deepen sulfide has strong mechanical properties, sulfide and insoluble and boiling benzene.

it is worth noting that the nature of the trans polyisoprene rubber and the pagoda waves rubber are basically identical. In the filling agent, plus sulfur, or organic peroxide vulcanization accelerator. Oil use more high aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic oil.

polyisoprene rubber USES: mainly used for golf cladding layer, plastic materials and plastic surgery instead of surgery in plaster splint reinforcement materials, etc. ; Pressure sensitive adhesive; Paper, fiber, leather patches heat seal coating, such as caulking agent; Thermoplastic plastics modifier as well as improve the impact resistance and elongation at failure; The tip of the safety shoes pads and fabric cut jersey agent; Mining equipment, submarine cable outer layer and the coating tank lining, etc.

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