What are the silica gel products quotation and inquiry way

by:TaiHai     2020-08-05

contact with silica gel products or to be the friend of silica gel products factory, should know that in the actual production, in order to satisfy the requirements of customers all kinds of silicone products are generally need to open mold custom processing production. So different silica gel products is not the same as the product structure, mould is different also, the performance function is different; Leading to production and processing cost differences, affect the price of silicone products.

for different silica gel products quotation, we should have accurate and authoritative, so as not to cause confusion of the industry; The following silicone products manufacturer for you about silicone products quotation and the way of inquiry.

  1. Online inquiry: general customer you want to search through the computer silicone products, manufacturers usually have their own website or shop; Then through QQ, want want, WeChat software show that its own product requirements to online inquiry. For this kind of custom silicone products are generally not oral quotation, under the condition of is going through engineering under the accounting cost will quote customer related tax or no tax, inclusive of delivery charges or excluding freight costs, delivery date and other related products.

  2. Direct telephone inquiry: the customer is usually cooperation intention high quality customers, hope the client direct telephone contact our customer service, for you to answer your silicone products related issues; Web site each page has our contact information, do not know can consult customer service.

  3. Messages, offline inquiry: please remember to leave your phone, QQ or WeChat and other contact information, we see the first time contact you.

all in all, for the customer to the silicone products offer or inquiry, either way will warmly for your answer, inquiry hotline: 0755 - 28230704/13392830612, the website: WWW. gdtaihai。 Com

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