What are the main car, car rubber accessories products?

by:TaiHai     2020-07-27
what are the main car, car rubber accessories products? auto accessories products mainly include all kinds of rubber hose, adhesive tape, rubber oil seal, sealing, damping, cup, dust cover, fenders, wipers, washer, air spring, tires, etc. The following will introduce the main rubber products: a, tire the tyre is grounded on the all kinds of vehicles or machinery assembly rolling circular elastic rubber products. Tyres are often used under the condition of complex and demanding, it when driving under various deformation, load, force and the function of the high and low temperature, so you must have high load-bearing performance, traction performance and buffer performance. At the same time, it also requires high abrasion resistance, flexing resistance, and low rolling resistance and thermal resistance. The world consumes half the amount of rubber for tire production, visible using the ability of rubber tires. Outer cover general use: natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber ( Different proportions) Give priority to, the general use of butyl rubber inner tube. Sealing strip with fill body between the components of car seal of intermittent, the effect of aperture, shock absorption, waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, decoration, such as function, improve the ride comfort and protect the body experience. Main use EPDM rubber sealing strip, sealing strip classification is as follows: engine cover sealing strip , and can be divided into the front, side and rear; door sealing strip ; before and after the wind window seal; side window sealing strip ; skylight sealing strip ; the door head sealing strip ; window guide sealing strip article inside and outside the Water cut trunk sealing strip noise proof sealing strip article dust And so on. Other seal products is mainly used to prevent liquid leakage or other materials, including package skeleton oil seal, o-rings, rotating shaft oil seal, dust cover, flat gasket, brake cup, skin membrane and all kinds of gaskets. Depend on the high elasticity of rubber macromolecule itself, these products can recover large deformation, air tightness and viscoelastic and play a role, is irreplaceable in the car a kind of special parts, respectively play a sealing, damping, sound insulation, braking effect, such as automobile rubber parts for cars driving and driving comfort, security, normal play an important role. 3, damping products used to prevent or reduce cars produced in the process of driving rubber fittings of various kinds of vibration and noise. According to the site to use can be divided into the engine series, drives and controls, before and after the suspension, body, exhaust system and other systems with seven categories. Its main function is to absorb, reflect a vibrational energy produced by vibration source, prevent vibration wave produced by the resonance effect. Generally use natural rubber and neoprene, requires the adoption of oil resistant NBR, requirements of high and low temperature resistant adopt silicon rubber, high damping using butyl rubber. In recent years, the automotive vibration rubber products demand is increasing. Due to the use of different parts, by analysing different also. Think in terms of vibration, should choose the nitrile rubber and butyl rubber, etc. ; Considering from fatigue and creep resistance, choose natural rubber; If you want to improve its heat resistance, then choose styrene-butadiene rubber; If in the work with all kinds of oil medium contact, should choose NBR; For the higher temperature of the engine and the exhaust pipe, it is necessary to use high heat resistance of epdm. 4, hose products rubber products used in the chassis and engine and body parts, used in oil and gas transmission, drive, seven control, brake, cooling and heating system of rubber hose, oil supply, gas supply, water supply and transmit power. Variety of rubber hose is fuel pipe, water hose, brake hose, vacuum hose, air hose, radiator hose, power steering hose hose and special shape branches. as car to develop in the direction of high speed, high functional and comfort, etc,. As car to develop in the direction of high speed, high functional and comfort, 5, auto transmission belt auto belt generally includes V belt and synchronous belt, v-belt is also called triangle belt, is the largest and most varieties, production of transmission belt USES the most widespread one kind of product. Synchronous belt transmission is composed of a root of tooth surface with spacing within weeks of circular belt and with appropriate match round. From the materials, rubber and polyurethane synchronous belt can be divided into two categories, while the former has ordinary rubber ( Usually a neoprene) And special rubber ( Mostly saturated nitrile rubber) The points. other products, automotive rubber parts this kind of rubber products including automotive rubber sheet ( Car rubber sheet and fender) , automotive interiors and adhesive, sealant, etc. Emulsion used for laying the ground vehicle and shockproof non-slip. The wiper strip for rain and snow weather shave their windshield rain and snow, ensure driving the line of sight and normal operation, and make the vehicles moving. Adhesive is used for auto interior materials of adhesive and protection at the bottom of the car, etc.
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