What are the cause of the silicone tube wear

by:TaiHai     2020-07-29

the silicone tube wear what reason?

1, owe sulfur, products are not ripe, the local low hardness. Reasons: low mold temperature, curing time is not enough, rubber vulcanization system and curing conditions.

2, glue, rubber parts are not required by the skeleton rubber package. Causes: mold sealant was bad.

3, short, product line sag. Reason: exhaust times not enough or bad mold design, cannot be ruled out the gases in the rubber.

4, lack of glue, the product shape is not complete, rubber not completely full of mold. Causes: said not enough glue, rubber put partial flow, pressure and rubber performance is poor.

5, bubble, bubble holes. Reason: exhaust times not enough or sulfide parameter Settings, mold temperature is too high.

6, fissure, the trace of the product surface crack. Causes: mould temperature is too high, excessive release agent spraying, demoulding way, die design is not reasonable, from external injury.

7, deformation, distortion product, concave, convex. Causes: clamping improper operation or product from external extrusion

8, sticky glue, product surface with separable rubber layer. Causes: mold or improper cleaning mixing in rubber mixing rubber skin.

9, scratches, surface has scratches, grooves, recess, or cut. Reason: contact with foreign body or improper operation.

10, gap, product is not complete, has a concave section. Reason: the improper way or by external injury.

11, shrinkage, parting surface crack rotten. Causes: the mold temperature is too high or insufficient curing pressure, mold deformation.

12, adhesive, rubber and the skeleton separation and loss. Wrong reasons: adhesive, skeleton surface treatment does not reach the designated position

13, impurities, visible surface has different color particles, such as foreign body, dirt, mimeograph, etc. Reason: impurity, rubber mold dirty, with foreign body touch or product not appropriate place.

14, insert movement, insert deviates from the specified location. Causes: insert placed incorrectly, positioning mold core and the insert clearance is too large.

15, layered, product rubber part cannot form a whole, the phenomenon of two layers of skin. Causes: rubber surface contamination, poor compatibility of rubber mixing unevenly, rubber spray frost.

16, fault model, product parting surface displacement. Causes: inaccurate positioning pin loosening clamping, mould is not reasonable.

17, burr is too thick, the extra material that does not belong to product of thicker. Reason: too much, rubber mold parting surface gap is too large.

18, mold, product surface not smooth level off, have hair phenomenon. After falling off causes: mold temperature is too high, not timely cleaning cavity.

19, aging, product surface wrinkling is not smooth. Causes: mold temperature is too high, vulcanization time long.

20, uneven thickness, the touch surface AoTuGan, there are differences in thickness size. Causes: mould manufacturing, vulcanization machine.

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