What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone seal

by:TaiHai     2020-07-20

for silicone seal in we all not strange, it is very common in our life, like our keep-warm glass, there are many in cans, then, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of it?

1, its thermal performance is good, and high temperature resistant spacer;

2, and able to work under the environment of low temperature, the minimum can reach 100 degrees below zero;

3, has the very good oxidation resistance in the air;

4, due to the molecular structure of the silica gel silica gel seal ring has good air permeability and the gas has the very good selectivity;

more than 5, the non-toxic tasteless to use in a lot of food and medical industry have to silicone seal.

6, excellent insulating performance;

7, appropriate increase in material carbon black, nickel powder, aluminum powder, etc can increase the conductivity.

8, hygroscopicity, moisture absorption function to the environment and have the effect of isolation, but water vapor resistance is poor. Shortcoming is:

1, under the pressure of work more than 50 pounds working environment res silicone seal;

2, silicone rubber, although compatible with most of the oil, compounds and solvent, can have very good acid and alkali, but for no hydrogen alkanes and aromatic species of oil resistance.

3, it is not recommended in most concentrated solvent, oil, concentrated acid and diluted caustic soda solution used in the silicone seal.

4, stretch in the work environment, tearing, strong wear environment does not recommend the use of silica gel seal, usually under paragraph only used as a static seal, please.
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