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Vulcanizing agent can also achieve food grade _ platinum vulcanizing agent

by:TaiHai     2020-09-07

vulcanizing agent can also meet the FDA food safety and hygiene standards, silicone factory introduced vulcanization agent today noble platinum vulcanizing agent.

the silicone products production situation is very different in different parts of the application of different silicone mixture with raw materials production, the duty made of products is also no common goal, no common cause to cooperate, each have each role, and the difference between the ordinary silica gel and platinum silica gel is the use of performance, and the application of various occasions without different capable person to make a choice.

platinum silicone application of daily life:

platinum silicone to make articles for daily use, for example, wear jewelry, medical supplies,

ordinary silica gel is adopted to some environmental protection industrial or electric car accessories, etc.

the difference between the ordinary silica gel and platinum silicone

the purpose of the silica gel is very broad, production performance, ordinary silica gel with platinum silicone simple said is with different curing agent in molding, mould pressing craft in silicone products manufacturer of modulation used by different catalysts.

the silicone products classification and advantages of

the silicone products can be divided into ordinary, platinum, food at three levels,

1. Ordinary silica gel products are made by the traditional common vulcanizing agent, product non-toxic tasteless, flexibility, corrosion resistance, good air permeability, compared with other rubber and plastic in the middle of the rubber and plastic industry performance is outstanding

2. Platinum silicone products and food grade silica gel products mainly applied to the same things with our long-term contact, and its defect is processing cost is higher compared with ordinary curing agent can use ordinary silicone products will not have necessary overqualified, its performance are good performance far beyond ordinary the effect of curing agent, its temperature range in - Can use for a long time between 40 to 280 degrees, made of white or transparent bright products won't appear yellow, sticky dust phenomenon, anti-aging advantages such as being strong of performance, so the platinum vulcanizing agent also can do the FDA food safety and hygiene standards.

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