Vulcanization silicone rubber products production process

by:TaiHai     2020-08-02

silicone rubber vulcanization process is not a complete, but the two stages of process operation, rubber (under pressure Such as mold vulcanization, direct steam vulcanization vulcanizing tank, etc. ) Or pressure ( As the hot air continuation of sulfide) Heat styling, called a sulfide ( Or finalize the sulfide) ; High temperature curing in the oven, in order to further stabilize the physical properties of vulcanizates of various, called secondary sulfide ( Or after vulcanization) 。

  ( 1) A sulfide

1) sulfide model products. Can use plate vulcanizing, transfer molding and injection pressure of sulfuration sulfide.

vulcanization silicone rubber products, generally do not use the release agent, should be rapid loading, clamping, pressure, otherwise easy to scorch, especially with BP and DCBP vulcanizing rubber. Transfer molding sulfide is a kind of common used silicone rubber processing technology, compared with each model of single span plate vulcanizing, its advantages are short processing cycle, and complex sulphide especially with insert and pin of rubber parts. Compared with injection pressure curing, capital equipment is low. Rest pressure curing mold, injection can improve the productivity, reduce the intensity of rest, at the same time also can reduce the dosage of peroxide, improve the tensile performance of products, improve the compression permanent deformation performance, but product shrinkage is bigger.

vulcanization of extrusion products. Steam can be used for vulcanization vulcanizing, hot air, liquid sulphur tank continuation of sulfide, drum-type vulcanization and radiation curing method. Before the three kinds of method commonly used.

  ( 2) Secondary sulfide

after a vulcanized silicone rubber products, some low molecular substances exist in vulcanizates, affect the product performance. For example, using the universal vulcanizing agent ( Such as BP or DCBP vulcanizing agent) Rubber, after a period of sulfide, the quality of its acid decomposition of vulcanizing agent, will increase the hole hole sponge, lower density; Increase the amount of curing agent will narrow the hole hole sponge degrees, increasing the density, thick wall of hole. In addition, the curing temperature has a great influence on the sponge hair hole condition also.

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