Use of organic silicon in life and production

by:TaiHai     2020-09-15

organic silicon, borrow with environmental genes and surface activity of the strong performance in major industries are now first reference, so in life, can work everywhere accompanied by different silica gel material, for the silicone material used in different industries.

1. Organic silicon application in the chemical product

applications in daily chemical products as organic silicon surfactant has a non-toxic, no skin irritation, antioxidation, uv protection, good biocompatibility, waterproof breathable performance and many other advantages, in cosmetics, shampoo, hair care products, cream products and products in a certain degree of application. Silicone surfactant because of its low surface tension and appropriate viscosity, surface diffusion is good for cosmetics in skin and hair, can improve the cosmetics on the skin moisturizing and retention, and to maintain the normal skin breathe freely, also can give a hair luster, easy to comb, smooth and agile, antistatic and soft feeling.

2. Organic silicon application in textile industry

in the textile industry the application of silicone surfactants of antistatic property, softness and good capability of sterilization and disinfection, and can give the fiber very good soft effect. Cationic silicone surfactants are mainly used as antistatic agent and softening agent in textile industry, quaternary ammonium salt cationic organic silicon surfactants used in fibre products health, has the very good sterilization, mouldproof function, durability and safety.

3. Organic silicon application in pesticide

in the pesticide application in pesticide processing, adding 0. 05% - 0. 1% ( The mass fraction) Of organic silicon surfactants as additives, to optimize the preparation of physical properties and chemical stability, increase the variety, enlarge application range. Plants of leaf, stem epidermis often has good wettability of the composition or structure, and often with a negative charge, plays an exclusive role in pesticide liquid, and add can promote pesticide preparation of silicone surfactants on plants successfully attached, maintain, spreading and penetration, played a key role in improving efficacy. Organic silicon surfactants can reduce the surface tension, the water infiltration in the trachea to insect, kill it, and as a pesticide auxiliaries.

4. Organic silicon application in food, medicine,

in food, medicine, the application of organic silicon defoamer is modified polysiloxane as the main ingredient, add a variety made from nonionic surface active agent and so on, and it has excellent defoaming performance, less dosage, easy to use, non-toxic, non-corrosive, of monosodium glutamate, soy products and antibiotic production of foam has good defoaming and inhibit action.

5. Organic silicon application in leather chemicals

in leather chemicals, the application of silicone surfactant mainly add grease agent and softening agent can be used as leather, because it has good lubrication performance and waterproof performance. It with fat graft copolymerization preparation of organic silicon fatliquoring agent solves the silicon-based surfactant easy outward migration problem and reduced the amount of fatliquoring agent, reduce the cost. After silicone surfactant impregnation of leather fiber dispersion, good lubrication performance, leather soft, especially suitable for garment leather and shoe upper leather, fur can also be used to manufacture. Amino polyether modification of organic silicon surfactants used as fatliquoring agent, can make the softness and hydrophilic reach the level of satisfaction, in addition, can also be used as a finishing agent, waterproofing agent, enzymes, and make the leather soft and light, a sense of oil.

6. Organic silicon application in machining

the application of the mechanical processing in the production of metal products, use and maintenance process, need to wash attached on the surface of all kinds of dirt ( Such as processing of scrap metal, cutting fluid, in the process of abrasive and all kinds of grease, dirt, acid, alkali and salt electrolyte and hand sweat, etc. ) To ensure inner and surface quality of the products, prolong service life. Silicone surfactant detergent with cleaning performance is good, strong detergency, can not only eliminate the oil on the surface of the metal, but also can wash hands sweat, inorganic salt and other dirt, furthermore it also non-flammable, non-toxic, the use of safe, as well as good corrosion anticorrosion ability, still can save energy, reduce environmental pollution, is suitable for mechanized automatic cleaning. 7, in the plastic industry, the application of silicone surfactants in polyurethane foam plastics production process, such as system dispersion, bubble, bubble growth stability and air chamber open play an important role, is a kind of very good polyurethane foam plastic bubble and bubble agent. Its surface activity, can be used to manufacture polyurethane soft foam, hard foam, semi-hard foam and high resilience foam, etc. In addition, as a flame retardant silicone foam stabilizer in the application of polyurethane foam is becoming more and more widely.

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