Understand the characteristics of the fuel injection process and silicone buttons

by:TaiHai     2020-10-05

the silicone buttons as industrial electronic equipment is the most commonly used control parts, mould pressing, it is based on silica gel as the raw material with high mechanical strength and conductive waterproof, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature and oil corrosion resistance and other excellent characteristics; In order to facilitate better operating people, usually on the engraved buttons surface can recognize characters, but long time use will be key surface characters fall off even shorten life span, fade off phenomenon for buttons rubber are usually recommended for customers in the button surface spray processing.

key injection treatment in order to improve the silicone handle degrees of durability protection character ascend buttons at the same time, the silica gel products factory will be done in key character screen printing on the surface after spray a layer of transparent applying a different ink after coating can produce different effect, the following is the commonly used silica gel injection process and characteristics of the key.

1。 Injection - key Spray hot oil
feel ink is transparent liquid, can enhance the surface smoothness of keys after spraying, can have enough protection effect of the key characters of effect, also can effectively prevent the silicone electrostatic dust impurities;

2. Injection - key Spray light extinction
the characteristics of it and PU ink is similar, but extinction ink injection may make silicone buttons frosted effect presents a kind of mist on the surface, feel is also better than PU ink!

3. Injection - key Spray PU PU oil spraying oil
buttons after the key material is qualitative slightly hard, can greatly promote the keys of abrasion resistance, better advantage is wear-resisting, commonly used in electronic products, high demand such as military machinery equipment silicone buttons will spray PU, shortcomings high cost than other oil smooth feel in touch;

4. Injection - key Sprayed oil
key sprayed oil refers to the coating layer with color handle on ink, ink color usually is customized according to customer's demand, oil sprayed after silicone key not only enhance wear-resisting performance, also can improve the grade of the product, customers such as some customers want to customize the pervious to light effect with color buttons will be sprayed on the surface of the oil and then to laser carving processing.

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