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Type O sealing ring material advantages and disadvantages and application scope

by:TaiHai     2020-07-18

type O sealing ring today has become essential in our daily life, the sealing from car engines to domestic water fountain, from food processing machinery to the medical instrument, in all walks of life, we can see the figure of seal ring is active. But the selection of sealing material on the sealing performance and service life is of great significance to the performance characteristics of different material of the sealing ring is different, choose the wrong material will directly affect the sealing performance of o-rings, serious even can shorten the service life of mechanical equipment. Here are a few of a few familiar for everybody seal material advantages and disadvantages and application scope.

nitrile butadiene sealing ring ( NBR) Working temperature - 30 ~ 100 ℃, the main characteristics is oil resistant, heat resistant, wear-resisting performance is good, excellent mechanical performance, stable chemical performance. ; Defect is the ozone resistance to low temperature resistant performance is poorer, electric insulation performance, does not apply to phosphate series hydraulic oil machine gear oil containing additives extreme sex, in all kinds of sealing ring material and the application of nitrile butadiene is more widely used.

silicon rubber sealing ring ( PMQ) Working temperature - 60 ~ 180 ℃, and the main characteristic is excellent high and low temperature resistance, good compression resistance deformation; Defect is low mechanical strength, wear resistant oil solvent resistance is poorer, sealing ring molding shrinkage big size, size is difficult to handle, commonly used in automobile air, instrumentation, medical electronics, metallurgical machinery and other industries.

the fluorine rubber sealing ring ( FKM) Working temperature - 20 ~ 280 ℃, and the main characteristic is oil resistant, can be applied to all the lubricating oil, gasoline, various synthetic oil, hydraulic oil, machine can be above 200 ℃ high temperature environment to work properly, resistant to acid and alkali and other chemicals. Defect is low temperature resistance is poor production cost is high, mainly used in automobile, chemical industry, aerospace field.

polyurethane sealing ring ( PU) Working temperature - 35 ~ 100 ℃, and the main characteristic is have good mechanical properties, excellent wear oil resistant performance, full of elasticity and resilience; The disadvantage is that working temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant. Often used in high pressure lifting equipment, industrial equipment, such as forging hydraulic machine sealed.

epdm seal ( EPDM) Working temperature - 50 ~ 150 ℃, and the main characteristic is to have excellent ozone resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance in the air can be resistant to freon and many kinds of refrigerants. Mainly used in automotive air, ship train, sanitary equipment, food machinery and other industries.

ptfe sealing ring ( PTFE) Working temperature - 200 - - 260 ℃, main characteristic is high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, water, gas and all kinds of a variety of media such as chemicals, high mechanical strength, good resistance to high pressure wear performance, low friction coefficient, good since embellish; The disadvantage is that the production cost is high, the lack of flexibility, when fluid type seal wear larger life is low, mainly used in the industrial areas such as aviation, hydraulic pneumatic, petroleum energy.

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