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Type o sealing ring and what is the difference between high temperature resistant silicone seals?

by:TaiHai     2020-08-21

type O sealing ring and what is the difference between high temperature resistant silicone seals? Difference between different materials and different usage, introduces below type O sealing ring and the effect of high temperature resistant silicone seals and USES.

type O sealing ring of

O silicone seal ring during extrusion stress, play a role of sealing, and therefore should be selected according to various USES respectively corresponding materials; Rubber products factory to meet all the conditions of use of various materials, and are widely used in the cylinder, automobile, valve, pump, electrical appliances, chemical pipelines, painting, decoration, water pipe, machinery and other industries.

the characteristics of the type O sealing ring

1. Have excellent sealing function, not waterproof.

  2. Preservation effect is good, completely non-toxic tasteless.

  3. Can buy Gao Qiangwen under heating, no deformation, no harmful substances.

  4. Excellent tensile resistance function, through specialized inspection test.

  5. Long-term use of yellowing do not fade.

  6. The corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good ageing resistance function, high temperature resistant function, accord with the FDA and SGS standards.

characteristics of high temperature resistant silicone seals:

low bonding flat, firm mouth, can bear 5 kg pulling force;

low meet ROHS, SGS, UL certification;

a variety of color selection, colourful, can be customized shape;

low 100% food grade environmental protection silicone raw materials;

low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, soft, non-slip, shock-proof, waterproof, heat insulation, not easy ageing, not easy fade, easy to clean;

are durable, useful to protect the furniture looks not been burnt, scratch;

high temperature resistant silicone seals use:

high temperature resistant silicone seal rings is mainly used in food machinery, electronic electric appliance fittings, daily necessities, hardware, communications equipment, sanitary ware, baby products, security, environmental protection, sports equipment, printing and machinery manufacturing and other industries.

the overall sealing ring has its own function and use my company a large number of production sealing ring and all kinds of sealing ring, welcome to consult.

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