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Transparent silicone case why yellow

by:TaiHai     2020-08-12

the silicone material, the phenomenon of the yellowing in the consumer's reputation always will be, but there is a 'true gold fears not the fire', so for the silicone products also have the same meaning since the yellowing phenomenon, that as long as is the material of high quality natural won't become the disadvantage of consumers, so for the silicone cases appear the phenomenon of yellow discoloration, went up from the products of the normal silicone products manufacturer to understand general won't appear yellow discoloration phenomenon, and yellowing phenomenon can be divided into intermittent cause yellowing time too long, one kind is to produce a few days began to yellow, the product of the transparent color for yellow phenomenon is one of the most common phenomenon, and manufacturers have to start control source.

use long yellow transparent silicone cases, from raw materials to parse the transparent color not add any color plastic color ontology belong to silicone material, if there is no resistance to yellow agent is added in the raw material of the transparent color products use for a long time for a long time after the basic will appear the phenomenon of yellow, in use process once use maintain undeserved, edge in the area of the yellow and the color will be more obvious, so use for a long time in addition to the above control raw materials, the use of process control is also very important! Professionals know silica gel on any matter not conflict, to joining the vulcanizing agent after combination reaction after high temperature molding, exposed to the air for a long time to make physical reaction products, after the climate and the environment of different yellowing phenomenon caused different!

in the silicone products manufacturer production process also have the phenomenon of color change, this phenomenon is commonly mold temperature is too high, the product will appear deformation and brittle phenomenon, round edge Angle is still not fully appear physical response, so often in a period of time appear the phenomenon of turn yellow, this kind of situation should control the mold temperature and curing time, temperature lowering curing time short, if looking for vulcanizing agent added ingredients is overmuch, cause liquidity appear too active angry yellowing phenomenon, general factory is yellow sulfide resistant agent, the flow performance is good for some components and transparent appearance of products, so your silicone cases appear yellowing phenomenon may be factory with broken copper sulfide agent vulcanization molding.

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