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TPR and silicone material in the application of kitchen utensils and tableware

by:TaiHai     2020-08-02

silica gel and TPR material can say for the design of the kitchen utensils and appliances products provide a broad creative space! Kitchenware products involve contact with the food, for soft rubber material non-toxic environmental protection requirements are very high. General said, silica gel and TPRTPE belong to food grade material, but due to different countries or regions for silica gel and TPRTPE materials of food grade test standard has difference, and TPR and the environmental performance of the silicone material or there is a certain gap. In the production processing kitchenware products, choosing soft rubber material, besides considering material processing performance, environmental characteristics of materials is a side needs to be addressed. For us the kitchen utensils and tableware products below with silica gel and TPR material performance and difference:

1. Kitchen utensils and tableware with TPR silica gel silica gel and TPETPR contrast soft glue application is common in kitchenware products industry;

  2. Silicone bowl from non-toxic, safe environmental protection; TPRPP composite material to wash the popurality foldable storage, absolute saving storage space;

  3. TPRPP& PA composite material kitchen utensils and appliances provide more grip soft tactility;

  4. TPRPP composite material cutting boards good skid resistance, use more secure;

  6. Silica gel & amp; TPR ice has excellent low tender and soft, can store food fruit and so on more convenient!

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