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To open a silica gel products factory need the full information

by:TaiHai     2020-08-09

also mentioned before silicone products need what equipment, have said not enough detailed reaction, now give you a detailed and complete service: open a silica gel products factory ( Rubber factory) Need to prepare the equipment and materials:

a, silicon rubber production equipment:

1. Vulcanizing press

2. Rubber mixing machine

3. Strip cutting machine

4. Air compressor

5. Press

6. Rheometer

7. Tensile tester

8. Efforts to implement the

9. High precision electronic balance

10. High precision electronic said

11. The color light box

12. The international color card

13. Silk-screen printing abrasion test machine

14. Shaw sclerometer

15. Infrared thermometer

16. Resistance tester

17. Screen printing stand

18. Infrared furnace pull

19. Oven

20. Water screen type spray oil tank

21. Air conditioning

22. Color roll machine

23. A set of adapter workbench

2, a silica gel products factory need office equipment has:

1. Computer

2. Print/fax/copier

3. Office chairs

4. Conference chair

5. Air conditioning

6. Tea service

7. Stationery

8. Documents/stationery/packing letter. . .

3, business license,

4, silica gel products transportation: can entrust logistics/Courier, also can buy vans.

5, the workshop:

1. Rubber mixing room

2. Hydraulic workshop

3. Screen printing room

4. Packing workshop

5. Injection workshop

6. Warehouse

7. Production office

8. Production meeting room

9. Dining room

10. Toilet

11. The rent ( According to the local rental)

6, equipment installation, such as the use of the factory building, equipment installation, water and electricity installation, office decoration, car modification, the cost can be controlled in 80000 yuan or less.

7, employees, According to the scale of production required) 。

this is a silicone rubber products factory equipment and materials needed, the complete list, also can seek advice rubber counterparts can communicate with each other.


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