To detect mechanical stability of the natural rubber latex

by:TaiHai     2020-08-10

  1. After measure latex TSC % of total solid content, according to the following method to configure the 55% % TSC total solid content of latex

total = 90 gm.

latex weight 55 x = 90 gm. TSC / % = A

in the ammonia ( 1. 6%) = 90 - 通用汽车。

such as total = 90 gm. TSC % total solids content = 61. 50%

calculation. Latex weight 55 x = 90/61. 50 = 80. 50 gm.

in the ammonia ( 1. 6%) = 90 - 80. 50 = 9. 50 gm.

  2. The total value of 55% solid latex ready. In the constant temperature water bath heating to 34 - 36°C。

3 machine stability cup weighing 80 grams of latex has heated up.

4 installed machine cup, latex machine stability tester. Wait until the speed to 14000 r/min per, start the time.

  5. To detect whether there is a cluster repeatedly, dip in the latex, into the water, check the cluster. Once found, the stop watch.

6, the recording time in seconds as a unit.

this is the method to test the glue natural milk machine steady value.

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