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Three ways to solution to yellow silicone products

by:TaiHai     2020-10-06

today, silica gel in our daily life has become a necessary material, it in daily life, health food, industrial equipment, digital electronics and other fields, our common silica gel, silica gel products have silicone tube, silicone nipple following, silicone fresh cover, etc. Silicone products, however, after using for a long time, we will find that the silica gel from transparent changed yellow, especially the transparent silicone products especially yellowing phenomenon, and the causes of yellowing of the silicone products because the silicone products in the process of long-term use, often exposed in air will lead to silicon oxide occur, so as we are silicone products manufacturer how to solve the problem of the silica gel is yellow?

yellow solution
1 silicone products, using high transparent high quality silica gel raw material
2, with yellow resistance by adding curing agent
3, in the process control of the silicone mold temperature and curing time

in addition to the above method, we can also through the use of toothpaste, detergents, alcohol cleaning wipes the silicone surface dry it, avoid direct sunlight accelerated aging yellow silicone products. Overall, yellowing phenomenon can only alleviate transparent silicone products, can't completely avoid yellowing, rubber recommended in does not affect the normal use of cases without replacement.

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