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Thermal conductive silicone products compared with thermal conductive resin material

by:TaiHai     2020-08-03

thermal conductive silicone is the RTV glue of thermal conductivity, can be solidified at room temperature of a pouring sealant, and the larger the different thermal conductive silicone is thermal conductivity silica gel can be cured, into the category of solid silicone rubber products, products have certain adhesive performance. Through hot vulcanization silicone products manufacturer production.

industry there is a call of thermal conductivity of film materials, certain calorific value is commonly used in small electronic components and the chip surface. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of this material is small, the heat conduction performance is generally low.

in addition, the thermal conductive silicone is used to fill the gap between CPU and heat sink of a material. Its function is used to heat conduction, the heat emitted by CPU, CPU temperature keep the work in a stable level, prevent the CPU damaged because of bad heat dissipation, and prolong service life.

in the applications of heat dissipation and thermal conductivity, even if is very bright and clean the surface of the two surfaces in contact with each other will have a gap, the gap in the air is a poor conductor of heat, it will hinder transmission of heat to the heat sink. And thermal conductive silicone is a kind of can fill the gap, the heat conduction of smooth material quickly.

the silicon grease on the market now there are many kinds of types, different parameters and physical properties determine the different USES. For example some applicable to CPU heat conduction, and some applicable to the memory of thermal conductivity, some applicable to the power of thermal conductivity. 。 。 。 。 。 Also some electronic products, power supply cooling, rapid temperature sensor can be used, etc.

working temperature of the thermal conductive silicone is generally not more than 200 ℃, high temperature can reach 300 ℃, low temperature is commonly - About 60 ℃.

thermal conductive silicone is a kind of high thermal conductive insulation silicone material, almost never cured, can be in - 50℃— + 230 ℃ temperature for long-term use of grease. Has the best vision of electrical insulation and has excellent thermal conductivity, at the same time has a low oil from ( Tends to zero) , high and low temperature resistance, resistance to water, ozone and weathering. It can be widely coated in various electronic products, electrical equipment of the heating element ( Power tube, silicon controlled rectifier, electric shocks, etc. ) And cooling facilities ( Radiator, radiator, shell, etc. ) Contact area between the role and moistureproof, dustproof, heat transfer medium dielectric properties, such as anti-corrosion, shock. Is suitable for the microwave communications, microwave transmission equipment, power supply, regulated power supply and other microwave devices dedicated microwave potting, the surface coating or the whole of this kind of silicone material to produce hot electronic components, provides the excellent effect of thermal conductivity. Such as transistors, CPU, assembling, thermistors, temperature sensors, automotive electronic components, car refrigerator, power supply module, printer, the first class.

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