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The whole process of silicone buttons

by:TaiHai     2020-09-06

a good quality product is silicone buttons need strict production processes, complete production and processing production process of silicone buttons is what? Rong below into silicone key manufacturers to everyone, silica gel production process.

the silicone key processing production complete process:

1. Mold design and development of silicone buttons: glory into its own silicone mold factory, can according to customer's sample or silicone buttons silicone key drawings to design and development of mold, after testing in the mold development ( The sample mould) To mass production. Recommended reading: silica gel mould process

2. Preparation: glory into silicone buttons that according to customer's requirements on quality, specification, etc to determine hardness of the rubber and performance and so on various aspects, according to the formula refined after good glue, according to the specifications of the sheet with PE film bag; At the same time ready to release agent, conductive black grain and various tools.

3. Silicone vulcanization molding, vulcanization molding silicone buttons use plate vulcanizing machine, manual and automatic and vacuum mould by the upper die mould ( Commonly known as: cavities and) , of course, there are also special three board mould, the production of cavities when lifted up, and die on silica gel that is put in the conductive black grain and slicing weighing cavities in the color key ( If necessary) When ready, clamping for heating press vulcanization molding. Sulfide is completed, will introduce mold vulcanizer, open cavities, remove the silicone button products.

4. Secondary vulcanization silicone buttons: after vulcanization keys of semi-finished products can be according to customer's requirements to decide whether the secondary sulfide, is the purpose of the secondary vulcanization silicone buttons, removing the buttons in the residual vulcanizing agent decomposition ( Have pungent peculiar smell is largely without secondary sulfide) , improve the performance of silicone buttons.

5. Silicone buttons screen printing/laser carving/glue craft: glory into its own screen printing injection process workshop, screen printing color design according to customer requirements for printing. Click to view: glory into silica gel printing car, into the silicone oil injection workshop.

6. Buttons down the side and front processing: break the punch and die will be silicone buttons flash hedge, be neat and beautiful finished products; But most of the burrs are difficult to clean cutting silicone buttons, need a lot of manual cutting, so cause the silicone buttons increase production cost.

7. Last production and processing process is, of course: the quality of silicone buttons

the above is the entire process of production and processing silicone buttons, strict and reasonable production process is the key to do a good job in the silicone products, for the quality control, rong into 16 years experience in the silicone products production and processing has a mature process. Custom silicone buttons can contact us directly, we will provide perfect service and production process for your products.

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