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The types and characteristics of the silicone mold

by:TaiHai     2020-10-05

the silicone products from raw materials to the forming, the effect of the silicone mold can be crucial, through mould we can make the silicone as any desired shape, forming of the silica gel products well-presented and not easy deformation, feel soft and comfortable, have good elasticity and electrical insulation properties; According to different silicone molding process, the silicone mold can be divided into liquid silicone mold, mold the silicone mold and extruding silicone mold.

extrude silicone mold is a kind of application on extrusion equipment pipe die extrusion molding, by giving extruder feeding to squeeze silica gel into the shape of a corresponding then through traction device is received, extrusion die faster development cycle, low cost production capacity above cargo cycle fast; Defect is only applicable to tubular, strip extrusion molding silicone products, such as in food, medical, chemical, machinery, and other fields widely used.

molding silicone mold is to point to by mixing glue into the silicone mold heat press vulcanization molding, silicone products production by restrictions on the size and tonnage of mould, moulding process is important to note the machine mold temperature and curing agent ratio and curing time, commonly applied in, miscellaneous pieces of industrial and automotive parts, and other fields, such as silicone gasket, silica gel, silica gel sucker dustproof plug, silicone buttons, etc.

liquid silicone injection molding mould called LSR, it is similar to plastic mold structure, through the injection molding machine in the mold injection gate will be heat curing silicone liquid silicone injection molding cavity forming, product high precision production, save manpower power a lot of raw materials; Liquid silicone products production process needs to pay attention to the temperature, the exhaust and curing time; Defect is easy to stick within the mold cavity after curing, the mold need to form a complete set of mature membrane technology, products used in maternal and infant, electronics, kitchen utensils and appliances and medical fields, such as silica gel diving glasses, silicone case, liquid, such as following from suction nozzle, the remote control.

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