The two major factors influencing the silica gel products process

by:TaiHai     2020-08-25

the silicone products of the production after gel, washing and drying the commonness, but specific to a particular type of glue, and a different process, the difference between each other's personality, the focus is on the two steps.

1, silicone products, the proportion of acid and alkali

(1) acid gel ( Acid and alkali ratio problem) When a gel particle r ( Relatively few primary grain to small, easily gather form fine pore structure of silica gel; Alkaline gel, a gel particle r, gather easy to form a coarse silica gel.

(2) the concentration of acid and alkali to moderate. Acid and alkali concentration is too high.

3. Ph temperature too high. Acid-base reaction too fast.

2. Gel granulation time

gel granulation time is gel granulation process and critical process parameters.

1. So far from acid-base mixed reactions to the granularity of gel formation of time. Including gel time and granulation.

2. Gel granulation time is short. May make the gel solution of inadequate or evenness was not enough. Makes a grain of r concentration distribution is uneven. The formation of local gel or local close packing. This leads to the bubble gum in the process of granulation. The phenomenon such as rubber or rubber ball strength is not enough.

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