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The two eldest brother level material silicone and rubber

by:TaiHai     2020-08-28

rubber for this term has a long history, and silica gel is more popular in modern times, the rubber is mostly applied to industry, and silica gel can be used in different industries, down to the difference between the silicone and rubber concrete:

silica gel products: what use range is very wide, The silicone mobile phone sets, silicone adult supplies, silicone pad, silica gel gifts, silica gel supplies, etc. ) Compare products rubber without contrast, silicone mobile phone sets, non-toxic, long life, silicone seal is not high temperature resistant, non-toxic tasteless, long life, and high temperature resistance.

: rubber products used in industrial fittings, contrast: there is a dark look smoke burning rubber, silicone and toxic. Comparing products: rubber band: cheaper price, but the tensile sex is not strong, silicone rubber bands: reasonable price, and the tensile sex is extremely strong.

silica gel products

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