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The story behind the 520 silicone doll

by:TaiHai     2020-07-31

today is 520, on this special valentine's day 520, several glad several sorrow, today small make up a great gift for the lone noble, silicone doll is very popular in recent years, the Internet of silicone products. Its ultra-high popularity is that it gathers all the essence of the silicone products, together with the curiosity of people, and it always keep a kind of mysterious and obscure the veil. Silicone doll regardless of its purpose, in terms of itself is an elaborate works of art.

the lifelike simulation people face, simulation of dimension design, close to the body skin softness and flexibility, the appearance let a lot of amazing work. And the silica gel doll contains key position, appearance, breast pad, shoulder pads, patch, mat with as many as 20 parts, such as what their magical structure and ingenious design? The secret of what they have not known?

completed the outline of the silica gel doll is made of soft silicone rubber processing this kind of silica gel is a kind of soft elastic material close to human skin, the skin texture and the touch of true feeling, environmental non-toxic materials, has high mechanical strength. The head, upper limbs, lower limbs, and other parts are designed according to the golden ratio, the curve of the perfect curve, processing step by step, and then assembled. This silicone doll is the flexible, that pose different modelling, increase its allure

the main body is complete, we need to increase the corresponding key parts in both inside and outside, which is the core content of silica gel doll. Ordinary material can not meet the tactility of sensitive nerve, in order to avoid the silicone doll to bring users tap feeling at the same time to ensure the safety of use, save the security and predict the safety requirements, silicone doll key components adopt high tear the new soft silicone materials. Such precision is made by heating melt and pour into the silicone material, texture delicate copper cooling stereotypes and then put into the doll body above the

this silicone doll is half finished work, the next is fitted with processing good patch, silicone breast pad. Then artificial sew hair, good makeup, tie-in appropriate clothing. And after completion of the work also need to pressure test was carried out on the silica gel doll, weight 200 kg weight test and related inspection and test.

the silicone doll for users can be a visual or tactile enjoyment, for we are silicone products manufacturer which is our high-end products, is the production of filleting of

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