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The silicone _ silicone gift products industry

by:TaiHai     2020-08-28

in the silicone products in the industry of silicone gift is very important for a product category, silica gel gifts belongs to some of the silicone products as gifts gift promotion use of silica gel.

1. Silicone gift categories:

environmental protection silicone raw materials made of silicone gifts with 100% of all kinds of silicone accessories, silicone articles for daily use, silicone electronic perimeter, silicone promotional gifts, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances. Common silicone promotional gifts are silicone bracelet, silicone watch, silicone mobile phone cover, silicone wallet, keys kits, silicone zero silicone glasses bag, silicone pad, silicone usb flash drive, silicone cover, silicone accessories, silicone ice, silica gel cake mold, silicone cover, silicone doll, silicone electronic gifts, etc.

2. Characteristics of silica gel gifts:

the silicone gift is its characteristic is small and beautiful, in addition to the basic no other use adornment, but it as a little gift merchants in print ads is very popular.

the silicone gift adornment effect more and more strong, along with the development of the product all kinds of exquisite modelling enabler of popular trend, but functionality is also one aspect, the attention product quality, the better the higher performance-price ratio.

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