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The silicone seal products - The silicone sealing washer

by:TaiHai     2020-09-13

the silicone silicone gasket is a commonly used accessories products, the role of the above in each device cannot be despised, whether in the sealing washer in life, in the automotive industry, machinery industry, especially for our notice or its performance and practicability, science and technology in the unceasing progress a lot of related products design and rubber seal products will not be able to match the material, make some equipment in use process performance degradation, and with the emergence of the silicone seal products make it instead of a lot of rubber material products, whether in the midst of seal products, the necessities, health care products of environmental protection and so on various aspects has been using silicone material to replace.

the silicone silicone gasket technology to promote the

in previous years, a lot of silicone products manufacturer for silica gel technology there is no certain cognitive, many parts have been made of different material to this makes a lot of other material problems, such as plastic, plastic material is harmful to the body, is known to all, the phenomenon of the poisoning also more than once, twice, especially the environmental pollution make relevant environmental protection department is very anxious. Change as the change of era of silicone products, we live and work in the matter is in constant ascension, silica gel products in the present environment has also been effective environmental protection effect, so many companies now on mechanical parts are using silicone products to replace, in the life of many traditional plastic and hardware material also gradually be replaced, and the development of seal products has been good.

the silicone silicone gasket working range and advantages of

seal products I think we both know what it's main job is, in the machinery and equipment mainly to prevent the above application sealing part to place anything in contact with the outside world, is now in a basic use silicone seal products to environmental protection industry of auxiliary tools in front, the advantages and disadvantages of plastic is known to all, very much generally poor low temperature resistance, ozone resistance is poor, poor insulation, slightly lower elasticity, and silica gel seal products to the contrary and more a bit, and use. So now, many places have silicone products instead. Is its performance and good environmental properties, so more and more parts choose sealed with silicone products, silicone has also become life of green environmental protection products and industrial products.

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