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The silicone seal products contrast what are the advantages of plastic

by:TaiHai     2020-09-24

the silicone seal products is a kind of commonly used accessories, each kind of the function of the equipment should not be ignored, whether in the life of sealing gasket, in the auto industry, or in the machinery industry, especially let's focus on its performance and practicability, science and technology in the improvement of many related product design performance on the use of plastic and rubber seal products cannot match, makes some equipment in the use of a drop in performance, with the emergence of silicone rubber sealing products, it has replaced many rubber plastic products, whether in sealing products, or in terms of household products, medical, environmental protection, such as products are replaced by silicone material.

the silicone seal products compared to plastic products environmental advantage

a few years ago, many manufacturers of silicone products for silicone technology without knowledge, many parts are made of different materials, this also caused a lot of other material problems, such as plastic, the plastic is known to all, is harmful to the body poisoning phenomenon is more than twice, especially the pollution to the environment, making the environmental protection department very nervous. With the change of The Times, our life and work of materials are also continuously improve, silicone rubber products in the current environment also play an effective role in environmental protection, so many companies in the mechanical parts replaced by silica gel products, many traditional plastic and metal materials in the life also has been replaced gradually, the development of sealing products also received very good reform.

the work scope and advantages of the silicone seal products

in the application of mechanical equipment mainly is to prevent the sealing parts contact with the outside world. At present, organic silicon seal products has basically become a auxiliary tool in the environmental protection industry.

we all know the advantages and disadvantages of plastic is low temperature resistance, ozone resistance is poor, poor insulation, elastic slightly lower. On the contrary, organic silicon seal has more points and USES.

so now silicone products in many places are used to replace them. Because of its performance and good environmental properties, so more and more parts choose the silicone seal products, also make silicone environmental protection green commodities and industrial products.

are present in just about every facet of modern life.
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