The silicone seal environment temperature, tensile strength and raw materials affect the silicone seal life

by:TaiHai     2020-09-25

the silicone seal the environment temperature, the silicone seal and raw material selection, tensile strength of silicone rubber sealing ring, after long-term glue and metal extrusion, frequent stress result in the silicone seal does not rebound, no stress, as the factory will tell you how to long-term maintenance from three angles and the use of silicone rubber sealing ring.

some sealing ring has long been used in harsh environment, such as oxygen, heat, light, etc. , leading to aging, so in the early use of silicone rubber sealing ring and the time to consider the material and product whether can keep a long life, elastic force is not affected, and so on. In general, it from these three aspects.

silicon rubber sealing ring

the silicone seal ambient temperature

in use process, all kinds of high and low temperature is one of the main factors influencing product, silicone material can accept to - 200 Over 40 degrees high temperatures, but long-term is suitable for the bad heat will accelerate the aging of silicone seal, the higher the temperature, the greater the deformation of products, the maximum stress of the silicone material deformation usually lost his work performance, cause seal leakage, etc. In the use of low temperature and should be appropriately raise the compressive strength and tensile strength, and pay attention to the low temperature necrosis, deformation and fracture phenomena of the product.

the silicone seal stretch

tensile strength is one of the main performance of silicone seal, so in the production of silicone products will choose the corresponding tensile strength of the material and the conditions of various hardness, so when the long-term repeated use for a long time, can choose high silica gel materials for processing and production, in order to prevent the product increased with the increase of time influence the performance of the products. For use for a long time outside the scope of tensile products will become loose and loss of tension, so under the condition of fully, work intervention will reduce the drawing, the biggest factor that influence the silicone material deformation will be influenced by long-term use, thus reduce the working pressure is the best way to keep the seal ring.

GB / T1497 - 1993 silicone seal material selection

in addition, the performance of the products with high quality materials. The higher the tensile strength and hardness, the quality of the product, the better.

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