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The silicone rubber products production conditions

by:TaiHai     2020-08-16

common points: silicone buttons, silica gel, silica gel protective sleeve, silicone pads, silicone glove, silicone conductive adhesive, etc. , today small make up to introduce silicone accessories production process detection environment, method and bad grade classification method. Fluorescent lamp ( 20 w * 2) Hanging in the inspection station of about 30 ~ 50 cm above the height, light many
in 1000 lux, light does not shine. Inspectors eyes distance detected objects about 20 ~ 30 cm distance, light source to be seized with eyes
between the Angle of 30 ~ 500. Inspector open hole vision or corrected vision must be greater than 1. Zero or more, and no color blindness. Inspection should be started, the low level surface gradually transition to a high level surface; Press from left to right, from top to
the successive test.

bad grades of silica gel products classification

hierarchies surface:
according to bad was found after the discovery of how easily and reflect the degree of customer, were seized in the surface is defined as the different grades, different level the inspection standard. The combination of silica gel products factory product real purpose and the effect of assembly.

the company's level is divided into: class I: visual or functional part after assembly; Class II: after assembly invisible and nonfunctional, but as a peripheral part of components with visual

bad level division:
according to the severity of the poor and the customer to malnutrition can reflect the degree of bad will be divided into:
serious adverse ( MAJ) : is a kind of impact on product performance, the use of safe, or directly lead to bad product, to reduce the availability of faults.
generally bad ( 分钟) : the defect has been more than standard requirements, but does not affect the usability of the product.

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