The silicone product as a gift

by:TaiHai     2020-08-02

with the development of the world trade organization, the soft plastic gift custom is very popular in market, silicone gift and PVC gift accounts for a large share in the market, the product is full of beautiful things in eyes, they belong to the soft rubber gifts, because of the similar products, so a lot of people think is the same. It has the very big difference between the two. Silica gel in the silicone industry production experience tell everybody, silicone gift and PVC gift basically has the following distinction:

1. Silica gel texture soft, feel is good, and PVC products is coarse;

2. The silicone can be passed ROHS certification, environmental protection;

3. Soft silicone products, PVC products is hard; 7 colour touch shoot induction color changing led rechargeable night nursing atmosphere of the head of a bed mushroom silicone small night light

4. The silicone product flexibility is bigger, PVC without toughness;

5. Silicone products are made more transparent, PVC products to be solid color;

6. Silica gel products, the meeting after burn white, burning smell is small, the product into powder, and burn after PVC products will be black, olefinic burn very smelly when

7. From the material itself, PVC products is mainly composed of PVC powder ( Polyvinyl chloride) And oil, color paste mixed mixing raw materials made by trace injection glue process heating cooling, silica gel products is mainly composed of silicone raw materials and some chemical elements such as pigment color paste through the rubber mixing machine mixing, made the required hydraulic press hitches in mould heating cooling molding material.

8. Look from product appearance, PVC products is relatively less silicone products.

9. Judging from the handle, silica gel products more texture soft, good toughness and elasticity, PVC soft rubber relatively little hard, but the hardness are adjustable. Just the soft plastic gift market, silica gel compared with PVC, there are too many advantages, so the silicone gifts gradually replace PVC gift, is more important in soft rubber gifts. Third-generation lazy neck hung fan creative outdoor sports portable mini two led small fan

silica gel mainly provide mother-to-child series, outdoor series, beauty makeup series, kitchen series, the daily household products such as series, the main products are as follows:
1) , mother and baby series: including the silicone spoon, silicone bowl, silica gel plates, silica gel tooth rubber, silicone, silicone nipple consisting of bottles, silicone bib, etc.
2) , outdoor sports series: including folding doors, glass kettle campaign bracelet, sports watches, silicone shoe covers, etc.
3) , beauty makeup series: including wash a face to brush, cleansing, makeup brush to clean pad, nail cushion, cosmetic mirror, silica gel powder puff, etc.
4) , kitchen series: including the cutting board, clean gloves, insulation pad, non-slip mat, cup mat, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, wash the popurality, wash bowl brush, scraper, spatula, silicone fresh cover, cake moulds, cup, boiled eggs, silicone bowl
5) , daily household series: including small night lights, tea, ice, ashtrays, bottle stoppers, meridians, bath brush, silicone brush, silicone key chain, eat mat, etc.

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