The silicone mold what are the effects on silica gel products

by:TaiHai     2020-08-06

busier in recent months, the company to a lot of miscellaneous pieces of silicone order, and the company whole workshop is really busy, busy for silicone products industry should be a good thing, but disappointing is busy busy busy but have not so many people, so some time ago small make up also to molding department through the busy situation for the company, in the busy months let me realize the forming of hard and colleagues about some understanding of the moulding process, in particular, how important is the influence of the mold!

as a silicone products manufacturer, the main mold and produce power, but often affect the molding products, long-term production also can be found in the mold of the reasons for the unsteady, in recently, our company in the production of a larger amount of seal waterproof circle has long dimension unstable phenomenon, in the early stage of the test, she found with mold products, are far away, every hole the size of the gap is big and even nearly 1 mm, and the result of each module is different
. This let me feel in addition to find problems of production technology, in the mold should also look for above problems. First on the machine template may have some uneven phenomenon result in parallel on mould and produce products with sloping phenomenon lead to different sizes, so clear in accordance with the principle of plane in test found much better products, to 0. About 5 mm but is still not fully improved, however the mold in a sand mixed with two kinds of degree mixed injection to fulfill the requirements of planeness, but much better after also meet the requirements of qualified products, which can be concluded that the silicone molding process in the production process of mold has a great influence on the size of the product performance, surface smoothness, mold vent groove, the precision of the mold core requirements, and so on have very big.

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