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The silicone kitchen utensils and what are the advantages compared with traditional kitchenware

by:TaiHai     2020-08-01

now you faster and faster pace of life, we expect the kitchen cooking healthy, brief, and easy to operate, easy to save time, convenient maintenance, cleaning, a piece of rag done more to heart! So good kitchen utensils is very important for housewives, but usually clean kitchen utensils and appliances maintenance operation and so on is the most trouble the housewives, the most headache question. Rusty at kitchen utensils and appliances, besmirch, oily be soiled, much wasted time cleaning and maintenance operations, gently beautiful mood.
the cleanness of kitchen utensils and appliances that nots allow to ignore, some kitchen utensils and tableware connotation for raw materials quality question, or because of oil, rust, etc. Clean and unclean. Don't clean the kitchen utensils and appliances of simple caused by, mice, ants, etc. Using the defect rust, wear and tear, smell of kitchen utensils and appliances, food will be contaminated, eat slowly poisoning caused easily, eventually the two layers of lost money and health.
now in the market of many kitchen utensils and appliances, make rubber products factory in shenzhen for you for a few kinds of traditional kitchenware relatively silicone kitchen utensils and appliances of defects and damage.

a few types of the defects of traditional kitchenware:

1, kitchen utensils and tableware of pottery and porcelain lead, toxicity is small, but it is harmful to health.

2, kitchen utensils and tableware cast iron containing nickel, titanium, easy to rust, use rusty kitchen utensils and easy to cause vomiting, diarrhea, physical discomfort and other symptoms.

3, kitchen utensils and tableware copper copper copper tableware, use copper cookware is easy to cause low blood pressure, jaundice, liver function failure.

simple the three examples above, these kitchenware itself contains lead, copper, nickel, titanium and so on will directly affect people's health.

'6' of the advantages of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances:

1, color diversity. Can supply the processing according to the needs of customers, let kitchen utensils and tableware is more personality. Recommended products: silicone folding cups

2, environmental non-toxic. Food-grade silicone products and the human body has good compatibility, safe and reliable.

3, resistant to wear and tear. It is not easy to damage, no broken.

4, high temperature resistant. Can withstand the 200. C high temperature, high temperature is out of shape not easily.

5, easy to clean. Easy to save time and convenient maintenance.

6, anti-aging. Long service life, strong insulation performance.

the silicone kitchen utensils and highlights the atmosphere, the wind of fashionable modern kitchen utensils and appliances, common advantages gradually occupy the kitchen utensils and appliances stores, become the new favorite of kitchen utensils and appliances industry. And evil people mixed up but the market silicone kitchenware products, some bad manufacturer for profit, produced some inferior, unqualified silicone kitchenware, serious harm the interests of the consumers. Consumers will choose standard quality assured products. Shenzhen rubber products co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, is specialized in silicone rubber products development and production enterprise, has an independent mold workshop, oil pressure workshop, liquid silicone injection equipment and other advanced production technology and management concept, innovative design ideas, sophisticated manufacturing technology, strict quality control process. Products are mainly used in computer, communications, consumer electronics and other fields. For the majority of consumers with high-quality silicone kitchenware products.

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