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The silicone industry development crucial masterbatch

by:TaiHai     2020-09-10

said masterbatch in synthetic rubber, silicone rubber products of use is very extensive, for organic silicon in natural rubber, synthetic rubber in the use of all kinds of masterbatch and toner are belong to high performance prominent stain, so the masterbatch industry of silica gel products processing industry has a great influence for the rapid and stable development of the, through some data and policy about the development of the masterbatch.

what masterbatch is:

by the high proportion of additive and thermoplastic resin, pigments or the good dispersion of plastic colorants, it chooses the resin of colorants have good wetting and dispersing effect, and has good compatibility with being shaded material. Namely: pigment carrier + + = masterbatch additives. ( From baidu know)

masterbatch market development status at present:

the masterbatch branch of more than 200 domestic masterbatch enterprises according to the survey, the annual output has reached or masterbatch industry more than 1 million tons, 80% of the enterprise distributed in the southeast coast, is given priority to with 3000 ~ 5000 tons of production scale of enterprises.

masterbatch policy planning:

it is introduced that during the period of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in', will promote PET halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch industry whole department research and development, the production of chemical fiber masterbatch and demonstration project, the melt coloring technology and colorant dispersed uniformly in the melt mixing technology, meet the PET fiber products used in clothing, bed sheets, as well as to the silicone products, plastic products multi-color dyeing products such as the requirement of practical application of halogen free flame retardant; Development of multi-functional rubber and plastic masterbatch, such as high performance engineering plastics masterbatch, special metal effect masterbatch, thermoplastic polyurethane full color masterbatch, satisfy the high performance, high brightness, the demand of the fluorine plastic masterbatch, not only for our country textile, building materials, fiber industry promote high purity color, also provides more accurate for the silicone products manufacturers, clearer color system!

masterbatch of the latest scientific research plan and the significance of the

'masterbatch industry has taken a 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' the first step of development. 'By the China textile academy of sciences, Beijing university of chemical industry and other 18 units joint declaration' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in 'national key research projects of high quality concentrate colored fiber development and application.

the team through the research of polyester, polyamide fiber polymerization, spinning dope shaded kinetics and mechanism of color change, as well as efficient evenly dispersed technology and efficient masterbatch, color paste preparation technology such as

create concentrate coloring fiber preparation and application of database and standard specification, forming process, equipment and control system of the pilot test platform

implementation concentrate colored fiber preparation and industrial application demonstration. The project will greatly promote China's polyester, polyamide fiber industry concentrate shaded the fast healthy development of the

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