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The silicone glue glue little common sense

by:TaiHai     2020-07-28

the silicone glue glue a tip:

production which were liable to occur during the following process defects: glue dot size is unqualified, wire drawing, see glue bonding pad, curing strength is bad fall out, etc. To solve these problems should be the overall research various technique parameters, so as to find a solution to the problem.

1 point glue size

according to the work experience, the size of the adhesive dot diameter should be the half of bonding pad spacing, after patch 1 adhesive dot diameter should be adhesive dot diameter. 5 times. So you can ensure that there is enough glue to bonding elements and avoid excessive glue impregnation welding plate. Dispensing quantity depends on the length of the rotation of the screw pump to decide, should practice according to the production situation, Room temperature, glue viscosity, etc. ) Choose the pump rotation time.

2 dispensing pressure ( Back pressure)

currently used dispensing machine adopts screw pump supply dispensing needles, a pressure hose take to ensure enough supply of glue screw pump ( In the United States CAMALOT5000, for example) 。 Too much stress on the back pressure of the resin adhesive overflow, too much; Pressure is too small will appear dispensing discontinuous phenomenon, funnelled, resulting in the defect. According to work with the quality of glue, the environment temperature to selection pressure. High temperature can make glue viscosity decreases, good liquidity, then need to trim back pressure can ensure the supply of glue, and vice versa.

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