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The silicone gaskets, silicone rubber gasket how to distinguish, what's the difference between application scope

by:TaiHai     2020-09-22

the silicone gaskets, silicone rubber gasket in different areas of application, a phenomenon caused by different use of the environment, can't use for a long time and different effect, as some buffer gasket for long-term extrusion, greatly reduces the effect on the environment such as life, but for the choice of materials, you really know?

for silicone rubber and silicone rubber, we can use silicone rubber in the same environment at the same time, but as the change of the physical environment and the request, the performance of the two materials can make a big different. But it will take some time to emerge, so in order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, consumers can prevent and judge the difference of material in advance.

the difference between silicone rubber products and rubber products is not very good, have an odor. Quality problem, color and hardness etc. , generally can distinguish with the naked eye, with fire, black and hot is rubber, the white smoke is silicone material.

at present, silicone rubber gasket products has been widely used in various fields, has the practical value of different industries, in daily use is not exceptional also, so on the material of judgment, of course, is very important, because the rubber in the human body has certain harm, in time the impact is not big, but the performance of the material is different, the price also will be different, so the difference between the silicone rubber gaskets and silicone rubber gaskets are more important.

the silicone material is a kind of environmentally friendly non-toxic chemical material, can be used in different places and regions, the rubber material is different, it is mainly used for industrial manufacturing, electronic interior decoration, daily necessities, etc. Therefore, synthetic rubber as a material in contact with the human body, basically is silicone rubber raw materials, its flexibility and good chemical stability, service life is considered to be a better material.

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