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The silica gel products have you used

by:TaiHai     2020-09-24

products in our life more and more widely used, instead of a lot of plastic products, silicone products with non-toxic tasteless, soft and durable. Let us use more safe and more at ease, different silica gel products also have different characteristics.

about silicone 3 d puff, it is new silicone products in recent years, as it of beauty makeup tool, the function has a makeup feeling pressed province foundation, waterproof surface impervious foundation, not easy on the makeup powder; With a paper towel to wipe or wash after makeup, can clean like new.

some kiss may worry that uneven or floating powder, silica gel powder on makeup actually is not in the way! Because of the special silicone material, no powder, so compared with ordinary sponge puff, foundation or the amount of bb cream to cut some, otherwise there will be heavy, uneven, or float pink phenomenon. Use it every time, also note to a small pat on the technique of powder, do not force the smudge ha!

matters needing attention when using the
1. Silica powder puff don't eat, less dosage, please a few times on the superposition of makeup, pat on the makeup;

2。 Silica powder surface protective film do not tear, drive midge liquid cleaner using higher than 40 ℃;

3。 Away from heat and fire, please keep contact less than children.

the silicone brush to wash dishes USES the food grade silica gel material, safe environmental protection, flexible deformation, double-sided intensive cleaning brush hair, no room to besmirch, can be repeated use of the microfiber cloth, wash dishes, wash fruits and vegetables and act as a heat insulation gloves.

wash dishes with dishcloth the dishes will be very fat, washing a bowl of cloth will be very sticky, and with long time to dry and bacteria. However, this new type of silicone wash bowl brush not only has good cleaning and decontamination capability, and easy to clean and not bibulous, using silica gel cleaning up need not but heart will be a shelter evil people and practices. In addition in when the dishes, brush hair soft, not scratch the dishes, use convenient save worry, do not hurt the hand.

folding silicone water bottle the function and usage scenarios of sinotrans
is suitable for the household work, gym, running, travel, such as portable kettle.

1。 Using 100% pure food-grade silicone making.

2。 Non-toxic harmless, health, environmental protection, without any smell.

3。 Wear-resisting, resistance to fall off, resistance to high temperature can reach 200 degrees, bottom WenKeDa - 50 c

4. Breaking is not broken, save a space, easy to clean, is your travel and go camping barbecue good helper!

5。 After folding in crowded bag will not deformation, light and convenient, can be used for travel, travel, picnic and other activities.

this kind of silicone water bottle folding. Unfolds may fill in any required water, also can be rolled up and put into the bag after use, both functional and environmental protection. The silicone folding cups also USES the food grade silica gel, usually used in pacifier bottles. Can be reliably safe drinking water, hot water and cold water can be installed, will not stress, milk and juice. The water bottle is home travel.

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