The purpose of the conductive silicone products in electronic industry

by:TaiHai     2020-08-01

with the development of industrial production and scientific skills, conductive silicone materials continuously put forward new requests. In electrical and electronic categories, because the rapid development of integration and assembling skills and electronic components, logic circuit to the direction of the light, thin, small, calorific value has been added, you then need to high thermal conductivity of insulation materials, useful to remove electronic equipment of heat, this is related to the quality of life and reliability of products.
the processing of traditional electronic equipment cooling way, is a layer of insulation between the heating element and heat pad as the medium of thermal conductive materials, such as mica, ptfe and beryllium oxide ceramics, and so on, this method has the effect of must, but the heat conduction function is poor, low mechanical function and offer advanced defects.
at present, dealing with some electronic equipment heat dissipation is through various forms of the radiator to processing, but the most necessary through thermal conductive materials to processing, thermal conductive silicone material is one of the main thermal conductive materials. This paper will points put forward the application of thermal conductive paste and thermal conductive silicone piece supply heat transfer processing scheme for electronic devices.
thermal conductive silicone rubber material is a kind of typical polymer composite material, its function of thermal conductivity is mainly by the kinds of thermal conductive filler and thermal conductive filler in silicon rubber the spreading condition decision matrix, and the thermal conductive filler into the filler metal and inorganic non-metallic filler, heat conduction mechanism of all kinds of packing is different, the resolution to the function or the difference between the thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity.
thermal conductive paste is silicone oil and thermal conductive filler mechanical mixing paste, finalize the design at any time, high thermal conductivity, not curing, non-corrosive characteristics of interface data. Between various electronic components in electronic equipment, there are a lot of contact surface and the surface of the installation, there is gap between them, the warm water, in order to deal with this question, usually in the contact area between the filling thermal conductive paste, the use of thermal conductive paste activities to eliminate interface between the air and down or even eliminate thermal resistance.

thermal conductive silicone is processed through a special production process of flake thermal conductive silicone rubber insulation materials, has a natural and viscosity, high coefficient of thermal conductivity and high compression resistance, high buffer, and so on characteristics, first applied in the heating equipment and heat sink and the chassis gap filling material, because its material the soft and elastic variables, while under the effects of low pressure PaiLi to equipment appearance to the rough surface structure even closed touch, cut air thermal impedance, excellent processing the thermal conductive silicone cream after high temperature silicone oil leakage, appearance defects accumulated dust and so on.

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