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The properties of high performance silicone sponge

by:TaiHai     2020-07-31

- high strength acrylic adhesive for printing film zone N - Bar 200 a bond include powder coating finish - most of the surface Sample roll strip rods can confirm compatibility s - 100 N - Closed-cell silicon sponge rubber silicone adhesive to keep printing film adhesive performance in extreme temperatures. Strip bar s - 100 N - 。 062 '. 125 '. 'Thick - 188 Designated laboratory equipment and laboratory for performance dropped to - 100 ° F and oven designers need to 500 ° F in performance. HT - 800 sealing strip is closed-cell foam silicone with high viscosity, film support it provides the acrylate adhesive tensile dimension stability. HT - Band sealing gasket is in 800. 062 '. 125 '. 188 '. Thick - 250' Telecom cabinet, air handling and outdoor cabinet UL94V0 flame retardant rating, accidental moisture and UL50E regularly to compression performance is HT - designated by the designer 800 seal belt range of silicone foam in gray, but it can also be set in black silicone class 400 fr foam cushion belt is a high strength acrylic adhesive, printing film flame retardant closed-cell silicon sponge. 400 fr banded sealing gasket is currently available. 125 '. Thick - 250' Main rules cover designer and ventilation system, need a durable closed-cell silicon sponge UL94V0 flame retardant grade, uv resistance, weather resistance, long service life. Each strip sealing gasket can convertor or water jet cutting to custom gasket

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