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The properties of high performance silicone sponge

by:TaiHai     2020-07-29

stockwell announced the launch of the silicone elastomer sponge, silicone foam gasket with back glue on one side of the thickness of 15 to 30 feet long depends on the main roller winding.
in advance the main roller make the slit width roller production turned quickly to support high performance silicon and organic silicon sponge foam pad must withstand outdoor conditions and extreme temperature requirements. The most commonly specified gasket roll width is. “
, 500。 750 ', 1. 00 'and 2. 00 '- wide But more than any width. 375 'timely customizable slit roll. Belt - N - Rod ® 200 a is closed-cell silicon sponge rubber, high strength acrylic transfer film strip, N - A is in 200. 062 '. 125 '. 188 '. Thick - 250' Main rules cover designer and ventilation systems need to resist uv, weather resistance, long service life. High strength acrylic adhesive for printing film strip - N - Bar 200 a bond include powder coating finish - most of the surface Sample roller can confirm compatibility
strip bar s - 100 N - Closed-cell silicon sponge rubber silicone adhesive to keep printing film adhesive performance in extreme temperatures. Strip bar s - 100 N - 。 062 '. 125 '. 'Thick - 188 Designated laboratory equipment and laboratory for performance dropped to - 100 ° F and oven designers need to 500 ° F in performance.
HT - 800 sealing strip is closed-cell foam silicone with high viscosity, film support it provides the acrylate adhesive tensile dimension stability. HT - Band sealing gasket is in 800. 062
“,. 125 '. 188 '. Thick - 250' Telecom cabinet, air handling and outdoor cabinet UL94V0 flame retardant rating, accidental moisture and UL50E regularly to compression performance is
HT - designated by the designer 800 seal belt range of silicone foam in gray, but it can also be set in black silicone foam
400 fr cushion belt is acrylic adhesive printing film with high strength, flame retardant closed-cell silicon sponge. http://www。 gdtaihai。 com/

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