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The natural rubber industry faces several challenges

by:TaiHai     2020-07-25

natural rubber and oil, coal, iron ore and classified as four big industrial raw material, by 2003, China's natural rubber production and acreage are fifth in the world, formed mainly to hainan, yunnan, guangdong's three big advantages in natural rubber planting area. More and more highlighted the importance of natural rubber.

demand along with China's rapid economic development, expanding the application scope of rubber in industry, natural rubber demand rising trend is linear. At present, China's natural rubber production accounted for only 7% of the world's total output, consumption has accounted for 20% of total world consumption and domestic production growth rate is only 1/3 of the consumption growth, the supply and demand gap is widening. Challenges

although demand growth, but the development of natural rubber still faces challenges. Natural rubber industry development in China in recent days, a senior on the BBS, usda chief economist lingxian county, said, at present, with the degree of economic globalization and regional economic integration, natural rubber in the world within the scope of supply and demand situation has changed significantly, for the development of Chinese natural rubber industry has a certain influence.

after China's accession to the WTO, the natural rubber industry into a more fierce international competition. On the one hand is the tariff protection will gradually disappear, it will give China's natural rubber industry in international competition form strong pressure; Rubber abroad at the same time, the main production countries in such aspects as processing scale, product differentiation has more advantages, will form a certain impact on China's natural rubber industry. In addition, China - The formation of asean free trade area, and the establishment of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) natural rubber main producers alliance, the supply and the demand of China's natural rubber will produce certain effect. China - The formation of asean free trade area, the requirement of WTO to China's commitment to accelerate the regional trade liberalization. And the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) major natural rubber producing countries good industrial foundation, domestic support is bigger also, at the beginning of the trade liberalization will form a certain pressure on China's natural rubber industry.

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