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The most common type of six kinds of silicone rubber industry adhesive glue application and development

by:TaiHai     2020-09-12

sticky glue, look like, when you put it into the hands of time, you can see, the color is transparent, has a strange taste, very thick very thick, if it need a long time, sticky glue is better than glue stick. In our country has developed rapidly in recent years, as the growth of the housing construction, automobile industry needs glue adhesive industry will become one of the indispensable material! In the next 5 - Ten years, our country adhesive consumption will remain at 8% Growth of 10%, the direction of its development can be divided into six categories, among them, the polyurethane adhesives become one of the most development potential of analysing domestic.

1, low formaldehyde release a quantity to urea formaldehyde glue

it accounts for about 30% of the total synthetic adhesive in our country, as the people's environmental protection requirements will be higher in man-made plank, low formaldehyde release a quantity to urea-formaldehyde adhesive market potential is tremendous. There are foreign companies in the production of low formaldehyde release a quantity to urea-formaldehyde adhesive, at the same time supporting large-scale wood processing plants.

2, hot melt adhesive,

do not use organic solvent, the adhesives and the rapid construction, bonding effect is good, is the fastest demand growth in China in recent years, analysing, and is also the development direction of the future. In addition to the traditional EVA hot melt adhesive, domestic also need new products of polyester, polyamide hot melt adhesive.

3, polyurethane adhesives

are widely used in shoemaking, packing, construction, automotive and other fields, because of its excellent performance, is considered to be one of the most development potential of analysing domestic.

4, high performance epoxy resin adhesive

the electronics industry with epoxy resin adhesive, construction with epoxy structural adhesive, the production of technical difficulty is big, poor quality of domestic products, at present mainly rely on imports.

5, organic silicon adhesive

in the developed world silicone products manufacturer to produce the building sealing is mainly the use of silicone sealant, silicone rubber, etc. , organic silicon sealant in the coming years will be the dominant analysing our country building sealant.

6, car with PVC plastic melt

PVC plastic melt are major automotive sealants, accounting for about one-third of China's automobile adhesive, the annual demand is about 10000 tons, with the development of automobile industry in our country, especially in car industry, PVC plastic melt will have broad prospects for development.

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