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The molding process of rubber processing technology explained _ plasticate objective technical requirements and methods

by:TaiHai     2020-09-30

the molding process of rubber processing raw rubber plastication is by mechanical stress, heat, oxygen or join some methods such as chemical reagent, the raw rubber by strong elastic state into a soft, easy to machining process of the plastic state. Take you know the details.

raw rubber plastication purpose is to reduce its elasticity, increase the plasticity, and get the appropriate liquidity, in order to meet the mixing, calendering, extrusion, molding, vulcanization and mucilage, and gelatin sponge manufacturing process requirements.

good grasp of the appropriate degree of the molding plastic rubber products processing and product quality is very important. Under the premise of meeting the process requirement should as far as possible reduce the plasticity. With constant viscosity rubber, the emergence of the low viscosity of rubber and some rubber, no longer need to plasticate and directly mixing.

in the rubber industry, the most commonly used plastic molding method is mechanical refining method and chemical plasticate method. Mechanical plasticate method is the main equipment used in the open rubber mixing machine ( Mixing mill) , closed rubber mixing machine ( Mixer) And screw the molding machine. Chemical plasticate method is in the process of mechanical plasticate add chemicals to improve the effect of the molding method.

when mixing mill plastication temperature under 80 ℃, belongs to the mechanical mixing method at low temperature. Mixer and screw mixer exhaust temperature above 120 ℃, and even as high as 160 - 180 ℃, belongs to the high temperature mechanical mixing. Raw rubber needs in advance before mixing after drying glue, rubber cutting, choose to plasticate gel and gel breaking treatment. Several kinds of rubber plastication features: natural rubber mixing mill plasticate, roller temperature for 30 - 40 ℃, time of about 15 20min; The mixer plasticate when the temperature is above 120 ℃, time is about 3 - 5min。

the Mooney viscosity of styrene-butadiene rubber ( Rotational viscosity) 35 - in more Between 60 and, therefore, styrene butadiene rubber also can need not plasticate, but after the molding can improve the dispersion of chelating agent.

butadiene rubber cold flow resistance, lack of the molding effect. Polybutadience rubber Mooney viscosity is low, but not the molding. Neoprene large plastic, can be BoTong 3 - before plastication In the 30 - five times, BoTong temperature 40℃。 The ethylene propylene rubber molecules are main chain saturated structure, plastication is difficult to cause the molecule's cracking, so choose a variety of low Mooney viscosity instead of plastication.

NBR small plasticity, toughness, heat generating big plastication. Mixing temperature 40 ℃, the following should be used when small roller spacing, and low capacity, and segmented plasticate, so that you can receive better effect.

above is related to the molding process of finishing, hope everyone to the molding process have a deeper understanding of, choose the silicone rubber products factory in guangdong area preferred shenzhen plant 10 old factory professional and more efficient.

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