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The main characteristic of round foam rubber sealing strip

by:TaiHai     2021-01-13
Foam sealing strip is the use of the characteristics of the material through processing the internal porosity of a sealing strip, in use, foam sealing strip USES a very wide range, generally compared with common round foam rubber sealing strip and epdm foam sealing strip, and then the author will take you to understand the main characteristics of circular rubber foam sealing strip. 1, high and low temperature resistance, can be used under 250 ℃, in - Still under 60 ℃ elastic; 2, round foam rubber strip hardness: about 30 degrees, other hardness can be customized according to the requirement; 3, light light, strong toughness and has strong toughness; High insulating 4, stays low thermal conductivity, good heat preservation; 5, the independent air bubble structure, water imbibition water imbibition low; 6, good buffer shock resistance, can be used as a buffer material; 7, round foam rubber strip has good resistance to weather, ozone and ultraviolet light resistance, long-term use without cracking. Round foam rubber sealing strip with high quality rubber raw materials, and with excellent extrusion process manufacturing and become, flexibility is wonderful, kink deformation resistance, high resistance to tear strength, high transparency, low taste, non-toxic, resistant to weak acid and alkali, high temperature resistant, low temperature, long service life, long time using the same hard, do not change color, the same yellow, do not spray frost, etc. Article 18 years seal factory, can according to customer demand for customized suitable products, more products, consulting:.
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