The influence of the rubber formula for rubber products

by:TaiHai     2020-08-07

how can the performance of the modified vulcanizate and by adding suitable rubber formula to make rubber products production quality improvement. Through the tensile strength, normally we rarely encountered in rubber under the condition of using performance is often used to measure its quality.

we noticed that the enhancement and the influence of fillers on the tensile strength, we also mentioned that the reclaimed rubber, ointment, rubber plasticizer will affect the tensile strength, in addition to these factors, the tensile strength of the part.

high modulus value index, analysis of the elastic modulus is hard and low point soft, flexible products. By selecting suitable promoter and packing, can better control modulus.

hardness rubber products rarely require lower than pure rubber hardness. If necessary, can add a lot of hardness ( Up to 80 PHR) Adhesive or softener. Recommended reading: all kinds of the hardness of silicone rubber products/density/lift strength in detail such as the

tear and wear resistance both properties within limits change in basically the same way. If you seek the highest possible value, should use carbon black. Particularly recommended through proper selection of accelerator MBT and its derivatives, can achieve the further improvement of performance. Reclaimed rubber, rubber polymer and resin lead to significantly reduce the performance. Recommend a browse: silica gel regeneration problems need attention

ageing resistance and fatigue resistance to avoid repeated deformation, excessive filling or high pigment compounds; You must use the best curing conditions.

for heat resistance, should use a lot of plasticizer and filler of sulfur. Recently in a lot of heat resistant compounds using EV and SEV system, and as a result of a single bond and disulfide bond higher bond energy and proved to be successful.

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