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The illustration - silicone mold manufacture method Silicone mold making process steps

by:TaiHai     2020-09-19

this is likely to be more detail of the silicone mold production methods silicone injection mold making and graphic process explanation, rubber products factory to introduce to you slowly.

organic silicon mold according to their performance and composition can be divided into two categories: organic silicone and inorganic silica gel. According to its composition form, it can be divided into extrusion silicone and molded silicone. Inorganic silica gel is a highly active adsorption materials, usually by sodium silicate and sulfuric acid reaction, after aging, acid soak and a series of finishing process, and get the silica gel structure. Silica gel is a kind of amorphous materials, the chemical formula for mSiO2. nH2O。 Insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic tasteless, chemical stability strong, in addition to the strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid, does not react with any material. Two components, tools and materials: silica gel ( The silicone + curing agent) , cups, plastic, electronic instruments, the adhesive tape, glass rod, mold release, scissors, hot melt adhesive, spray gun and rubber belt. 1.

1。 Mother patterns address

use a knife to remove the machining burrs cavities and support, be careful not to damage the surface and details. ( 2) According to the drawing requirements to modification of specimen, in order to make sure that the dimension precision of the. ( 3) In the mold surface evenly spraying mold release agent, should pay attention to in the mold surface spraying deep hole or narrow slots. ( 4) To determine the parting line, and with logo tag. 2 make mould frame, and put them into main modules of the

1 paste with hot melt glue gun mold frame, prevent the silica gel from clearance. 2 according to mold size single increase 20 ~ 40 mm. ( 3) At the center of the cavities in the mold frame, fixed within the die set. 3 weighing silicone and curing agent.

1 according to the proportion of manufacturers to provide part A and part B, accurate weighing. 2 remember weighed by weight, do not weigh by volume. Mix 4

1. Will weigh the silicone and curing agent in the same container. 2. A and b must be completely cured part will not be solidified, flip the number of mold. 5. Vacuum drainage bubble

( 1) Put mixing silicone and curing agent in vacuum machine, the bubbles out. 2 vacuum pump time should not more than 10 minutes, too long time will produce crosslinking curing reaction. 6. The silicone inside die set.

1。 Will bubble after silica gel inside die set. ( 2) Insert the silica gel, make cavities completely covered, the top 20 ~ 50 mm. ( 3) Blow out blow in the surface of silica gel, with a pen of bubbles. 7 to set.

( 1) Place filled with glue of formwork, wait for cure. ( 2) The best curing temperature is 20? 30℃。 ( 3) Temperature below zero, can be put into the oven heat cure.

1 after complete solidification, find the parting line cut marks. ( 2) Ensure the master pattern without external force or the absence of external force is released, to prevent the deformation of the silicone mold. ( 3) Use scissors to trim excess silica gel. 9 operation completely.

1 after finishing the whole production process is complete. 2 recommendations be put into use after 24 hours, in order to prevent deformation.

the above is the silica gel products factory in shenzhen to arrange diagram about the silicone mold production method and the silicone mold production process, relevant content, hope to be of help. Custom silicone products choose silicone products factory in shenzhen.

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