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The hardest part _ silicone mold release in silicone industry

by:TaiHai     2020-09-02

if a silicone products in the production of the most difficult is the problem? Silicone factory many technicians or the gunner would say, demoulding problem of the product. Then talk about some problems in the stripping the silica gel products.

miscellaneous pieces of silicone mold release is seen most of the problem:

miscellaneous pieces of silicone mold release is the most easy to appear in the demoulding problem of miscellaneous pieces of silicone, silicone keypad is rarely encountered such a problem, the plane of the silicone products mold release is very easy.

miscellaneous pieces of silicone refers to besides silicone buttons other irregular type of silicone products, is currently in the industry, miscellaneous call it covers a range is too wide, almost a lot of silicone products is called the miscellaneous pieces of silicone.

some miscellaneous demoulding is a silicone products manufacturer most headaches:

1. Sometimes because the mould was not well, also some may be because the technical personnel's improper operation

2. Most reason is that the miscellaneous pieces of silicone on shape are strange, each set of touch with the arrival of the may be a new silicone products. New product production process is different, so a lot of time is more challenging. And silicone buttons is so several types, whether technology or process, is very familiar with.

and miscellaneous pieces of silicone is like explore another planet in the universe exist. Meet every planet is likely to be strange, miscellaneous pieces of silicone more challenging, so do do miscellaneous pieces of silicone factory is the production technology and strength of the manufacturers.

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