The environmental protection non-toxic creative silicone kitchen utensils and articles for daily use

by:TaiHai     2020-08-03

when it comes to silicone articles for daily use, what would you think of? Using silicone breast implants? Silicone nose job? Recently, thanks to the Japanese enterprise customer, please actress with silica gel lips as gifts, is called its: allows you to 'drive' to a well-known photo actress! Silicone lips are set in the beverage bottle, drinking each bite, like talking to each other playing 'kiss'. May be because of its charming soft texture, always give a person a kind of hidden or romantic feeling. In fact, it have more and more widely USES in the commodity market, avirulent insipidity, soft warm properties changed its public image - — — Most can be made into kitchen utensils and appliances or commodity, let people feel it close to the 'good'.

silica gel, alias silicon rubber, is a highly active adsorption material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, the advantages of high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, etc, used for tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances is one of the most perfect. According to introducing, look a bit thin silicone material, it is actually quite robust, - 60 ℃ and 300 ℃ environment can easily cope with it. Because this kind of material does not contain any metal elements, so it can not only on the fire water heating, and also can be used in the microwave. Don't say I don't know, it is also a kind of recyclable materials, environmental protection.

for other material of tableware, it also has a special: soft. So it is difficult to convince, it can be a variety of appliances, produce all kinds of kitchen items. Specialty is the sweetest affinity with daily necessities, silicone jelly color, and play a role of 'gentle protection'. Some electronic products or headphones, made of silicone case, because the soft and elastic, electronic products can be easily 'drilling' into the condom, hold in your hand, like skin affinity. Silicon earphone is said to have sound insulation effect is much better than regular hard plastic or sponge. Household goods store also began to appear the figure of silica gel: someone to design it into multipurpose key bag, soft lie prone to lie prone to hung on the bag, have a feeling lazy. Content with rare for expensive, however, most of these silicone products are not so friendly, small an appliance at 10 yuan or even dozens of yuan. We might as well go to sound out all the ins and outs of it, to consider. Below the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturer to recommend a few popular silicone articles for daily use:

the silicone lemon juicer

made of silica gel juice extractor, the whole lemon 'sucked' live, on the one hand, can let the lemon juice is leakproof, on the other hand, if there is no squeeze of lemon juice, can set to live, in the refrigerator, act as the role of a cork.

the silicone insulated gloves

than general cloth gloves, insulation performance is its strength and durability, jiao qiao color and interesting animal modelling is beautiful.

the silicone funnel

and ordinary funnel shape, soft texture has the scalability, however, can cater to different entrance diameter size.

the silicone peel the garlic

this is the plastic tube of the garlic peeling 'father', even the appearance is similar with garlic. Garlic, it is said, even skin and let it to rub a few times, garlic coat will fall off naturally. When cleaning, use detergent washing.

the silicone cake mold usually do called cake appliance

bread sweep, scraping, spoons and DIY cake tools such as mold, a lot is made of silicone. According to the result of the DIY, with silicone tools convenient control, cream, egg liquid raw materials such as up to a more natural shape.

the silicone steamer

diameter of 272 mm, 148 mm high, volume 1800 ml. The cold grey, plus the design thick texture, physical heavy solid than it looks. Every have three, two identical can fold together of pot body, plus a pot, down to the bottom of the pot body evenly with ventilation holes. Fun is, of course, colloid texture flexible, silicone steamer can twist into a twist. It is said that the quality of a material surface can also be attached more grease when steamed meat, let food reduce the fat content. Cleaning very convenient also, common 3 m cloth with a little detergent can make silicone steamer surface bright and clean as before.

the silicone key package

soft, easy to clean, flexible texture, can freely stretch, easy to receive the goods such as keys, door card. Silica gel coat can prevent receives goods and other goods from friction; 'O' shape wire can hang on the hand, shoulder belt hook or bags, convenient to carry. There are orange, cream-colored, gray and green 4 kinds of color.

the silicone case

if you ask 'apple' talent: silica gel have he2 yong4? Answer most: set your mobile phone! Silica gel can be seen everywhere in our daily life, the kitchen, silica gel products are also good. MP3, MP4 and other small electronic products have related types of silica gel sets, because can stretch, protection of electronic products is lifted. At this time the color silicone ice making box, only need one hour can make thin thin ice. In addition to ice, can also be frozen fruit juice, syrup, chocolate solidification and fire crackers, etc.

more silicone kitchen utensils and articles for daily use, please attention: WWW. gdtaihai。 com。

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