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The effect of silicone impression and process

by:TaiHai     2020-07-22

silicone rubber technology widely used, at present our common oral printing get formal one, dental impression method in many industrial site and on the business model requires use of silicone rubber products stamping die processing, and besides silicone rubber impression and other processes, for example, alginate and AGAR, etc. , but most still choose material of silicone rubber products, the main reason is the product performance is good, good precision, stable quality, etc.

one, common impression material classification
( 1) Alginate: advantage is cheap, simple operation; Drawback is obvious, shrinkage is bigger, can more accurately reflect the shape of the teeth.
  ( 2) AGAR: advantage is cheap, defect is easy to break a big brittleness.
  ( 3) Silicone rubber: this refers to the molding silicon rubber, such as Shanghai pigeon silicon rubber, brand is the most common on the market. Its advantage is high accuracy, very stable, and can be used in the production of various kinds of restoration.

2, silicone rubber impression material overview
belongs to high polymer synthetic rubber silicone rubber, is elastic irreversible impression material. Widely used in the medical field in recent years, which is one of the most ideal impression material. Its advantage is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:
( 1) Size is more stable after solidification, within 24 hours of stable size change in 0. About 1%;
 ( 2) Operating time is short, fast solidification within the oral cavity, first impression 3 minutes solidification, secondary impression 3 minutes;
 ( 3) Impression high precision, good operating performance; In addition, the molding silicon rubber seal material is the same viscosity rubber composition is 1:1 mix, brings convenience to clinical work.

3, about silicone rubber, rounding operation
1, for patients to choose the appropriate tray, tray 3 - asked to leave patients with teeth 4 mm
2, clean and dry hands, and the operating process can't wear latex gloves;
3, take ChuYin mould

( 1) Substrate and catalyst, maxillary suggest each one full scoop, jaw suggest each one flat scoop, ensure that the substrate and catalyst 1:1;

( 2) Using fingertips mix until uniform color without stripe, will mix good ChuYin knead into strips in the tray, then put inside the entrance, take out after 3 minutes; Addition polymerization type silicon rubber solidification time are greatly influenced by temperature, high temperature solidification fast.
4, trimming ChuYin mould
use special repair knife to remove first impression shouldered, gingival papilla, between teeth, more concave line of spillway, facilitate second impression is in place, reduce the bubble
5, and take the second impression
just hit the light body, it may affect the solidification, due to the uneven mixture of recommendations will be 1 - in front of the materials 50 px to lose; Will note put inside the entrance has a tray of lighter materials, slow and once in place, about 3 minutes 30 seconds after curing materials are taken from the mouth;
6, complete and check the impression
( 1) For making the impression, the lower edge of the place for teeth are clear and complete without air bubbles, shouldered clear continuous;
  ( 2) Impression after taken out of the mouths, 30 minutes ( Can still use reserved for 30 days) , there is no need to worry irrigation mode, can be directly sent to the factory after soaking disinfection;

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